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office waste reduction:

why reduce waste? lower general office expenditures lower waste hauling costs improve the environment

how can you help reduce waste?

...reuse products.
...purchase durable products and products with less packaging.
...decrease consumption.
...use computer memo boards or community bulletin boards and eliminate needless paper.
...plan a central filing system so each individual does not need to keep copies of all documents. sure you know how to use the copy machine.
...reuse paper, file folders, interoffice memos, and purchase paper and materials that contain recycled content.
...print documents on both sides of paper-saves paper, filling space. and mailing costs.
...remove your name from unecessary mailing lists.
...purchase items in bulk and in simple, recyclable packaging.
...use durable mugs for coffee/tea wherever feasible.
...eliminate the use of colored or chemically treated paper, that cannot be included in your office recycling program, whenever possible.
...purchase durable equipment that is easy to repair or sell/donate old office equipment to someone who can use it.
...share your newspapers and magazines with others and don't subscribe to any you don't read.
...consider recycling laser printer toner cartridges.

environmental facts: facts about the environmental damage caused by companies and how you can prevent the waste.