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Living Green: Protecting our Environment and our Future

There are many environmental problems suffocating the world we live in today. Pollution, waste, overpopulation, and many other factors are destroying our planet and all who live on it. Humans alone are destroying the earth, we can not overlook this fact any longer, we have to face it. We have to take responsibility for what our species has done to the earth, and try to right the wrongs that we have bestowed upon the earth and all its inhabitants.

Living "green" is the only way we can help reverse the damage we have caused. Good intentions are not good enough. We have to act on our good intentions for them to be useful. In this webpage we have included guides to help you live "green". Included are tips on how to recycle, reduce/prevent waste, fight overpopulation, and many other aspects that we hope will be helpful to you in your quest to act on your good intentions.

Visit the Living Green webpage to view fliers and newsletters.