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What have we done to the earth?

What have we done to the earth? That which was once untouched wilderness has become a destruction site for man. Once towering forests have been reduced to gravel and paved to make way for humans. Where once there were natural landmarks, such as forests, mountains, rivers, and lakes, are now buildings and cities springing from the man-made world we falsely call home. We have stolen the earth and claimed it as ours (no man can own the earth). We have destroyed our future, building on the past. Once this earth was mighty, no man dared to explore her deep wilderness. Now man explores in machines made of metal with four wheels, spitting fumes that poison the air he breathes. The wilderness is gone, replaced with hard, unforgiving cement. Like a thief, man has stolen all that this earth has given us, violating every creature and plant that depends on her pureness for life. Man has become the enemy of the earth, divorcing that which has given him life. Every animal that is brother to him, man has murdered for his own appetite. Every plant that gives him air to breathe, man has poisoned with his factories and automobiles. Man is slowly murdering himself as he murders his brothers. And when the time comes for him to be judged by the Creator, man will pay for his crimes.

So we might ask, "What can be done, if we are the enemy?." And I tell you this; all are not the enemy, we have the choice to destroy the earth or to protect her! Those who destroy the earth are her enemies, those who protect her are not. We must divorce modern humanity, realize the lies that we have been raised into, and must not fall into the trap so many of our brothers have! We must live simply so that others may simply live. We must shun the world and it's possessions and return to the earth with a pure heart. We must fight to reclaim the earth that has nurtured us and betray her no longer. We must let our actions be the testimony of our love for the earth and all creatures who dwell here. Once we do this, we can return to nature with open arms, and when our time is come, the earth will welcome us and we will become one with her. For I say; this is what is meant to be, man and all creatures dwelling in harmony with each other and the earth, not one destroying the other.

It is a simple choice, a choice to simply live. And I say to you; once we make this choice, the earth will welcome us and nurture us with her bountiful love, we will forget the petty insecurities of the modern world and return to the one who loves us. We will be truly happy.